Alfa Romeo 4C: Reinstates the Definition of Sports Car

I recently came across the new Alfa Romeo 4C spider and coupe in a magazine advertisement and couldn’t help but think to myself – I want this car.  The new Alfa Romeo 4C spider and coupe that have come out in the last year are a sports car enthusiasts dream come true. Not because of their heated seats, extra features, or satellite radio that have come to be synonymous with luxury sports cars, but because of their adherence to true race car tradition and Alfa Romeo values: Italian style, performance and engineering excellence.

The new 2015-Alfa Romeo 4C was inspired by one of the most beautiful formula one race cars of the 1960s, the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale. The term sports car has shifted from meaning a car that was designed to be driven for sport to a car that now has superfluous features that are meant to carry groceries and kids. The “sports car” has evolved into a comical luxury status symbol that has placed bluetooth compatibility and beats audio speakers above the pure pleasure of driving. This is why in the last century or so, we have seen a massive movement towards vintage cars. If there is one thing that one of my favorite shows Top Gear has taught me is: how are you supposed to feel connected to the road and car with all the superfluous elements added to it. The new Alfa Romeo 4C reinstates and revives the true definition of a sports car.

The 4C Coupe supercar and the 4C Spider Roadster both are a two-seat, mid-engine, open top supercar, that goes from 0 to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds, with a top speed limit in the US of 160 mph. According to many who have tested out both 4C’s, at 100 mph and above, the car is a dream and an amazing smooth ride. At 30 mph? Not so much. The road feels very bumpy, the steering wheel is tough and rigid and the engine is deafening (hence why radios are not really necessary).

This is definitely not the type of car you would buy to cruise along in your town or wait in in traffic. However, if you are looking for a car to drive around the sports track than the 4C Spider and Coupe are great at giving you the full on vintage experience of a formula 1 race car and reasonably priced starting only at $63,900 in five different staple Alfa Romeo and race car colors of course: white, red, grey, black and yellow.

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