I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately due to the light from my laptop and alarm clock. This made me realize that –

It is time for me to invest in a SLEEP MASK. Which isn’t the worst thing in the world since it can make my sleep time even more fashionable and restful! One just needs to look at the iconic Holly Golightly Breakfast at Tiffany’s scene to know that a sleep mask is a must..

Breakfast at Tiffanys Holly Golightly Sleep MasMany think the sleep mask is just an “uncomfortable” fashion accessory one wears to go to sleep with no practical function. WRONG. Sleep masks are actually very beneficiary to one’s sleep. Here a few reasons why your next purchase must be a sleep mask..

N1 Elevated Melatonin Levels

Sleep masks create the dark atmosphere needed for melatonin production. When we sleep in total darkness, which a sleep mask can help create, our body releases melatonin, our natural sleep hormone that helps us get to sleep faster and sleep more soundly. Just a small amount of artificial light, such as from an alarm clock or another room, can inhibit melatonin production significantly.

N2 Increased REM (Rapid Eye Movement) Sleep

The average adult spends about 20% of his or her sleep in REM. This is the deep sleep cycle where dreams happen. Unfortunately, those who can’t sleep well do not get as much REM as others. Smoking or drinking alcohol can also contribute to less REM sleep. Using a sleep mask can increase the length of time we spend in REM, and REM latency (how many REM cycles experienced in one night). This is an important benefit of sleep masks. Almost all people who can’t sleep well suffer from too little REM sleep, which is hard for the body to recover from.

If you want to get beauty sleep the right way, don’t make your next purchase eye cream or anti-aging lotion but a sleep mask. For some eye mask inspiration..take a look at my top picks!:

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