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Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim’s journey post Oscar de la Renta began with Monse. After establishing their career at de la Renta for the last 12 and 6 years as studio directors, the duo took off and created their own label. Within three years the start-up paved its way to global success with its laid-back mix and match looks that are a perfect alternative to the usual evening dress. All pieces were designed with one thought in mind.

“I think if a woman is confident and she’s educated, she doesn’t have to cinch her waist; she doesn’t have to push up her boobs. Everything we are doing is a little more relaxed. It’s looser around the waistline, so you’re comfortable in the evening especially. Our woman is going to enjoy her night” – Kim

The Spring 2017 collection was a trendy reiteration of their previous collections – simple shirting, unusual fabrications, asymmetry, high-concept gowns – that incorporated the off-the-should trend seen on the runways this season. A perfect alternative to the usual evening gown, is a blouse with a little embellishment. Less is more, the key was to make the collection look effortless.

“It has to look easy, like it took her five minutes to get ready” – Garcia

This seasons embellishment was sequins, noted on the chiffon skirts and tunics. The mix of cropped wide-legged cargo pants and sequins was the high-low mix that got the brand its global name in the first place. The perfect balance between chic and laid-back, Monse will be seen in the streets of every fashion capital this Spring.


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