best-of-nyfw-2016-prabal-gurungPrabal Gurung was born in Singapore and raised in Nepal. He began his design career in New Delhi and finished his studies at Parsons The New School for Design. For two years, he worked for Cynthia Rowley’s design and production teams, shortly after he spent five years as design director at Bill Blass. Eventually, Prabal pursued his dream and launched his own innovative, modern and timeless feminine brand in 2009 – PRABAL GURUNG.

Prabal’s roots in Nepal have inspired many of his collections based on his hometowns culture, history, richness of color, fragrance, art and religion. His pieces have been worn by many leading ladies such as First Lady Michelle Obama and The Duchess of Cambridge due to their strong yet elegant feminine assertion. This season, Prabal was inspired by feminist references, which he translated into a varied lineup focused on loose, fluid silhouettes.

I want to ensure that a woman’s elegance remains preserved and presented in a modern context. –Prabal Gurung

chanel-camellia-flower-dressPrabal used the same tactic Chanel used in her 1937 Camelia dress, unlike her Little Black dress that took a lot of male signifiers and applied them to a female garment, Prabal chose to empower women by emphasizing their femininity. PRABAL GURUNG’s pieces were form-fitted to the natural lines of the body utilizing delicate and fluid fabrics and allowing lots of movement so as to make the body comfortable and free to move around in. These garment structures were made as if trying not to restrict women to a reticent role in society. High slits gave sensuality to some of the pieces, allowing to women to use their sexuality as a weapon, not as a sign of vulnerability.
Many of the pieces were in line with what we’ve seen throughout New York Fashion Week – asymmetry and floral prints. However, what made PRABAL GURUNG stand out from the crowd, was the fact that he chose to make a political statement for another leading woman, Hillary Clinton. On one of his long dresses, he seamlessly incorporated prints of speeches that have been given by prominent women in the political field, while on his other garments he incorporated this trend by placing the quotes on ribbons that were used to piece together parts of the garments.

If you want to make a strong yet subtle and elegant fashion statement next Spring, PRABAL GURUNG is a perfect edition to your Spring 2017 wardrobe.


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