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Nvilla-1atalie Pro began her career in the fashion industry after a New Years trip to Hong Kong and China inspired her to leave her home country Saint-Petersburg, Russia. For two years she lived in China, shortly after she moved to Thailand followed by Bali, Argentina, Chile and Georgia to name a few. Eventually, Natalie’s travels inspired her to share her experiences with the world. She launched her own silver jewelry e-commerce store in 2014 – BeYindi. The name originates from the Thai word “Yindi,” which means happy.

“I really hope that when people wear my jewelry, it makes them a bit happier”

Natalie’s connection to Thailand and the country’s free, laidback and happy environment has inspired a majority of her pieces. Not for nothing Thailand got its nickname “the land of the smiles.” BeYindi showcases the brand’s signature workmanship through the integration of semi-previous gemstones and fresh water pearls mined and grown in Thailand. BeYindi is handmade by Thai artisans, from the gem cutting to the hand weaving of the macramé and wrap bracelets, in Thailand’s capital–the world’s center of gem cutting–Bangkok. Every piece is made of 925 sterling silver and embellished with natural elements. No two gemstones, pearls or corals are 100% similar, so the difficulty in the process lies in making sure that each is handmade and cut in a luxurious manner without compromising the uniqueness of the natural element.

Whether it is a black tie event or a casual social gathering, BeYindi has something for everyone–from staple silver pieces to rare leather and mother-of-pearl accessories.

handmade-925-sterling-silver_1Mimicking last seasons 90s resurgence, the 90s choker has made its appearance onto the Spring 2017 runways once again. BeYindi’s hand hammered sterling silver chokers are a perfect complement to any outfit as the silver surface pairs perfectly with the gentle natural curves of the jewelry.

With pieces starting as low as 15 USD and reaching as high as 132 USD, BeYindi ensures that every man and woman can afford a handmade silver jewelry piece. 1 USD of every purchase is donated to an independent charity organization ensuring that happiness is not only transmitted to the consumer, but to other parts of the world as well. Every BeYindi piece makes a casual, yet refined statement sure to bring a smile to any woman’s face.

*BeYindi offers free shipping to any location in the world.

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