May 6, 2014
So I just got back home from college. Naturally, the part I dread the most about being back home is reorganizing my entire closet and adding in all the clothes I brought back home. If you’re like me, this weird winter then spring then winter weather has left you with a confusing closet. Being the organized freak that I am, here are some ideas to make your wardrobe transition faster and make your wardrobe look trendier as well:

1. Sorting: Sort all your clothes into categories in piles on the floor such as shorts, day tops, long sleeves, night tops, comfortable clothes, dresses, and work clothes.

2. Accessibility: Once everything is sorted try and hang as much as possible – this way it’s easier to get a visual on what is in your closet. Truth is, you will wear more if you can SEE IT. I usually place all the summer/spring outfits in the front, or in the most accessible area, and put all the fall/winter clothes in the harder to reach areas.

3. Bikinis: Now, what I like to do for my bikini’s is tie them in knots onto the most accessible side of my closet. Either onto a hanger with safety pins or a rod, whichever is in your closet. This way I get a great visual on the suits I want to wear during the summer and it looks appealing and trendy. 

4. Accessories: Following the Bikini trend, I like to hang my belts and scarves with safety pins along the bottom of durable or velvet hangers, or the rod in my closet. That way when your coordinating your next outfit, the belts and scarves will all be hanging neatly so you can see all of your options. This can be done with necklaces too. 

5. Drawers: ALWAYS section off and divide your drawers with expandable dividers. This will force you to keep everything in order. 

6. Bags: I always line up all my bags on the top level of my wardrobe. This way I can pair them easily with my outfit of the day. If not all my bags fit on the top row, I usually place a nail on the left hand side of my closet and place a bag on it. You can even cover the nail by placing a hat on top of it. 

7. Organization: Aside, from organizing your closet from the clothing you use the most to the clothing you use the least. I also like to organize it according to length or color. I usually hang all my tops and dresses either according to color, so I see all my red and orange tops in one section and all my white and grey tops in another, or according to length – all my shorts in the front and all my long skirts and dresses in the back. 

8. Jeans/Pants: You can organize jeans by cut, brand, color, style or size. I tend to go by color and organize from dark to light denim. I do the same thing with long pants by coupling them on hangers according to their color.

9. Shoes: Arrange your shoes on a shoe rack at the bottom of your closet based on the frequency in which you use them. I like to place my heels in the back as well since they are taller and more easy to see. I typically place my flats and sandals in plastic shoe containers so that they are kept in good condition and I can see them. I tend to try and hide my sneakers and flip flops! 






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