May 3, 2014

My inspiration for this post is the new $3,400 highly sought-after canvas graffiti DIY Chanel Backpack designed by creative director Karl Lagerfeld for his Pop Art Collection, modeled at Paris Fashion Week by model Cara Delevingne.

Seeing as a lot of us 20 year olds can’t afford this beautiful backpack…why not make your own? For a fraction of that you could buy paint, lanyard, a 7 dollar backpack from Ebay and get busy on your own design. 

All you need is freezing paper, spray paint and tangled cords.

1. BAGBuy a cheap plain beige (or black or grey) canvas rucksack on Amazon or Ebay.  



2. THE C’sFor the Chanel logo use Freezer Paper which can be bought from a Crafts shop, it’s paper on one side and a thin plastic coating on the other. Using a cereal bowl and a mug as a template for the circles that make up the interlinking C’s. Once its cut, iron the plain side onto the bag since it sticks onto the fabric. 

3. COLOR: Spray the paint on in layers of brown, then red, then green and finally the beige.

4. ’31 RUE CAMBON PARISUse children’s stencils to write the rods “’31 Rue Cambon Paris”  

5. ROPEPlait and twist a load of polyester cords you can get from a craft store

6. SMALLER C’S ON THE SIDE: Create the smaller Chanel C’s in silver and white by drawing around a smaller bowl and then outline the edges of the C’s with a silver pen.


If you want to take it even farther, why not customize your own backpack? Here are some cool trends and ideas for inspiration. 


1. Studs  – can buy from studsandspikes.com

2. Backpack – from forever21.com

3. Butter knife or flat head screw drive

Plan the layout of the studs on your backpack. Then push the studs through the fabric into place and close the prongs on the underside of the fabric with a butter knife. Repeat until you’ve gotten your desired look! 






1. Backpack
2. Iron
3. Dark Colored Lipstick
4. Paper
5. Scanner/Printer and computer 
with a photo editing program – iPhoto
6. Iron on transfer paper – Michael’s or Staples
Put on your dark lipstick and kiss a piece of paper in 3 different manners (tight kiss, loose lips and slight open mouth). Scan the lip printed paper or photograph. Edit the photo in iPhoto and make the lip print black and white and mess with the brightness and contrast, to make the lips darker and the paper whiter. Print the lips on the iron transfer paper and cut out the individual lips. Finally, iron them on the backpack with the lips facing the backpack and the white part of the paper touching the iron.


1. Backpack
2. Lace Trim – from fabric store
3. Needle
4. Thread that matches the lace
5. Scissors
6. Seam ripper – in case you want to remove the original label
Use seam ripper to remove original label. Lay the lace across the front pocket and cut it to size (make sure it’s long enough to cover the whole front pocket when it’s stuffed full of stuff). Use a needle and thread and sew the lace onto the front pocket. Do small stitches along the top and bottom of the trim and a few in the middle to hold it in place. Open the zipper of the front pocket for easy access when sewing. 


1. Backpack
2. Fabric Glue
3. Scissors
4. Denim
5. A contrasting fabric of your choosing
Stuff your backpack before gluing. Measure and cut the denim accordingly so that the piece you are cutting fits the pocket that covers the backpack. Squeeze some fabric glue along the perimeter and center of the pocket and carefully place your piece of denim. Press and hold for a couple of minutes to ensure the fabric sticks fully to the exterior of your bag. Cut your secondary, contrasting fabric into pieces that cover the width and length of the top flap of the pocket. Again, squeeze some fabric glue along the flap and press and hold your pieces into place for a few minutes. Let it dry for a couple of hours.


1. Fabric Paint
2. Paint brush
3. Drop cloth or trash bag
Dip the paintbrush in one color at a time and fling it at the backpack to create a one of a kind splatter pattern. You could even do beach splatters on a dark colored backpack. 


Even something as simple as buttons 
and patches can spice up your backpack!
You can buy cool patches like these from 
places such as: Nasty Gal, Urban Outfitters, 
Jawbreaking, Jac Vanek and Lorin.





1. Brown Fabric Dye
2. Your choice of trims and cords
First, soak the bag in a dark brown fabric dye mixed with water to dilute the color a bit. Let it dry and hand stitch different trims and cords onto the front pocket, folding the ends of the trim underneath so as not to show any hems. 


1. Light colored backpack
2. Scissors
3. Hot glue gun and glue sticks
4. Fabric marker
5. Fabric burlap or scrap white fabric if you want to make a new handmade label
Snip off the existing label using small scissors or a seam ripper. Cut a new label out of burlap or other fabric and glue it over the area where the label used to be. Using your fabric marker, draw something such as anchors all over the front pocket or the entire backpack. You can vary the size of the anchor or make them all the same size.  
If none of these inspire you, take a trend or style that you love as inspiration and create a more cost effective, original piece that you can make with your own two hands! 


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