how to dress like a true stylish european

My friends in Italy call me “L’Americana” (or “The American,” not sure if it is meant as a compliment or not..) and my friends in America say I am “so European.” While I do believe I am American, at the core, I also feel that I am European. I am Italian American to be exact and my fashion style reflects that. A big influence on my European fashion style has been my mother, Barbara. When I dress, every time I leave the house I ask myself: If I were to run into my mother right now,what would she say about how I look right now? Here are the top lessons I learned from her when it comes to European style:

N1Own a motorcycle leather jacket. It adds an instant piece of “cool” to any feminine piece or an extra edge to any sporty piece. It can be worn day and night with anything you want. You really can’t go wrong here.

N2Le Smoking is a must. Always feel the need to wear dresses at night? Not Europeans. The woman tuxedo, also known as Le Smoking, invented by YSL in 1966, exudes confidence and sexiness. Don’t know what brand to chose? Giorgio Armani is my go to.


Because of all the cobblestone streets, we prefer flats and oxfords to sky high heels.


Minimalist fashion. Although Anna Wintour would never be seen wearing all black, we Europeans have a thing for restraining on flashiness and color mismatch. There is nothing wrong with wearing all black. (Although there is a new pattern on pattern trend that has arisen lately..you will still see us leaning towards the more minimalistic side of the trend).


No matter what occasion, Coco Chanel will always be appropriate. With Chanel modern sportswear can be dressed up or down, depending on your mood.

N6…Don’t even bother going out in public wearing sweat pants, unless you wear them like this:

Now take these tips, get dressed up, put on the most diva pair of shades you own, jump into your little red Fiat 500 or your red vespa, and go grab a cappuccino with the girls..!

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