August 10, 2014

Gladiator shoes are a big trend this summer. Personally, they are not my favorite trend of the summer since it’s so hard to find a pair of gladiators to compliment your legs..A lot of factors come into play when choosing the right gladiator shoes that could be unflattering. Some factors include: 

  1. Straps – if you have too many, they make your feet look wide and your legs look short 
  2. Apparel – when paired with more masculine apparel, gladiator sandals tend to create a manish appearance

With that aside, there are ways to wear gladiator shoes successfully and fashionably. You just need to know how to wear them the right way. So if you have not found your fearless perfect fit or just don’t know how to wear them in a way that emphasizes your assets, here are some rules to abide by to wear gladiator shoes successfully:

Before we begin, it is essential to know that there are 3 types of gladiator sandals based on their heights.

Ankle High

1. Ankle-high: 

Warning: Leg length suicide that can be risky for muscular and short legs or thick ankle.
This model fits best on: Full or Wide Legs
If you have full or wide legs, choose ankle gladiators in nude colors that are similar to your skin tone to make your legs look slimmer and longer.
Flat Gladiators






 2. Flat Gladiators:

Knee High

This model fits best on: All women

Gladiators that stop just before the ankle or wrap around it are a look that can be pulled off fashionably by all women. 

3. Mid-Calf to Knee-High:

These call for being the whole point of attention to your outfit, so don’t overdo the clothing and accessories and just focus on the sandal. You need to be able to balance the look.
Pair them with wardrobe above the knee such as mini-skirts, mini-dresses, or short shorts that allow the length of the sandal to shine. 


Below you will find the best gladiator fit for your type of legs and feet: 

Slim and Short




1. Slim and Short Legs

You need to try and wear the simplest gladiator possible to avoid overwhelming your legs.

Thin Feet

2. Thin Feet

Opt for sandals with details and bright colors to visually add more width to them. 
Definitely buy a pair of gladiators with straps that go straight across the foot. These make the foot appear wider than it is. 

3. Wide Feet

I’ve found that with my wide feet, diagonal straps make the feet seem slimmer. 
Wide Feet
Slim Ankles





4. Slim Ankles

Thin strap and less details in general are key. Wearing large straps will only make them look smaller in comparison and overpower your legs, making you look shorter.

5. Thicker Ankles

The complete opposite of slim ankles. Go for the wider straps! 

Thick Ankles


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