May 1, 2014


From subtle to pure sexual, from classy to sassy and from subdued to obtrusive, this trend leaves plenty for the imagination, while still pointing towards your best features in a totally unexpected way. Sheer is made to flatter not to SHOCK

Showing a little – but not too much.. 


Sporting the sheer clothing trend doesn’t necessarily mean you need to share everything.

The safest way to embrace the trend?


  1. Highlight your assets by subtly injecting into your clothing through sleeves, trouser legs, and midriffs.
  2. If you don’t feel comfortable with transparency, wear delicately embellished fabrics.
  3. Keep your overall look CLEAN and wear a minimum amount of accessories.
  4. Lastly, select neutral colors.




How to wear Sheer Tops

  1. Layer it on top of lingerie or another sheer undergarment, or wear it under a blazer.
  2. DON’T go sheer from head to toe..balance the see through pieces with opaque ones.
  3. Choose delicate fabrics to complement the sheer


Dare to make a Statement?



Don’t wear anything under your sheer garments, but make sure lace or another type of fabric is covering parts of your body.



Not such a dare devil? No problem – Match you sheer blouses with matching pieces of lingerie. 




  For Summer

Embrace lightweight fabrics, subtle lace accents and lots of WHITESHighlight your femininity by using heels and wedges, alongside floral crowns, hats, and delicate jewelry. Play with lengths and layers, but keep it as natural as possible. 

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