It's Like Uber, But For Models

Social media platforms are reshaping our world – from Uber to Airbnb to Instagram. The latest way in which they’ve impacted the fashion business is through scouting and marketing for models. Two apps that have been recently put into place for models are Swipecast and Feels.

Swipecast, is also known as the Uber for modelling. swipecast appJust like Uber, both models and clients are verified and are allowed a two-way rating system. The app filters models according to hair color, eye color, place of residence, height and more. It’s better than a modeling agency because it allows models, photographers, designers, stylists and brands to skip the traditional agencies and their fees and book models directly. This allows both the models, client, and app developers to gain from the transaction. Unlike agencies that charge 33% commission, Swipecast only receives 10% commission and process payments within one to two days rather than 90 days.

On both sides of the marketplace, models and clients are vetted and verified and as with Uber, there is also a two-way rating system.

swipecast app

Feels_logois an app aimed at ‘connectingFeels App emerging music and fashion talent with brands and industry leaders for representation.’ It is the a modelling and fashion blogger app that encourages amateur models to upload professional images of themselves taken by others (not selfies…) in the hopes of being discovered. You can upload photos of your looks, tag the brands you’re wearing, follow other people – but it’s nothing like Instagram. The upside of Feels is that it has an approval process which ensures that their feed is filled with high quality, natural looking photos. Feels doesn’t allow highly edited and filtered pictures that are found in Instagram feeds. The downside to Feels is that the models have to give the rights to their images so that brands can use them in their social media campaigns.

Feels App2

Although these apps allow more exposure for models, there are scouters who feel reluctant to use them. There is a sense of professionalism and credibility when a model is hired through an agency. They know that the model will act accordingly and will do what is necessary. The apps don’t necessarily allow you the one on one contact that allows a recruiter to really understand the models personality and professionalism. Although apps like Air BnB, Uber, Feels and Swipecast are bringing client and consumer closer to one another by transforming the way transaction and deals are completed, human interaction will always be key and that’s why top modelling agencies will still be around for a long time.

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