September 21, 2014 
I haven’t had much time to post anything lately, but I’ve been so obsessed with all the Spring 2015 RTW fashion lines coming out, that I had to take some time to blog about my top designers.

Emilio Pucci,

one of my favorite Italian Designers who has been around for ages, came out with a fashion line that was classic Pucci yet with an edgy twist. Elegant, sophisticated and sexy were the words I immediately thought of when I saw Peter Dundas’ collection. I loved it! He took a boho-luxe and pre-disco-days approach that was inspired by music-poster art of the time. Typical of Pucci, the silhouettes were a contrast of skinny suits and sportswear all rendered in a sunset-inspired palette. The classical tie-dye patterns applied to a new edgy look on the dresses are really what blew me away about his collection!!!

Another designer worth mentioning is Roberto Cavalli. He employed a real sense of balance with chunky platform sandals mixed with print sequined floor length and mini dresses along with multicolored, lace-covered sequins, and bouncy trousers. 
Of course, no fashion show is complete without some Giorgio Armani classics..The message here was seen in the colors and natural shades that evoked water, sky, shells, sunlight and the sand itself. Armani has long intertwined the wardrobes of men and women, creating androgynous jackets with some kind of pant the mainstay of his label as seen in the colleciton. However, he doesn’t completely focus on this androgynous relationship as seen by his bloused tunics worn over fringed shawl skirt. 

Lastly, Bottega Veneta and Versace stood out to me as well. For Bottega Veneta, Tomas Maier truly addressed the versatile and elegant need for a relaxed way of dressing. I personally think he was extremely successful in mixing the two notions allowing for the relaxed fashionable look to finally stand out on the runway. Although a lot of Versace pieces didn’t stand out to me and seemed to be a bit loud, other pieces of hers were quite the opposite. The pieces I liked focused more on straightforward silhouettes, bold colors and no embellishments adding up to her strongest collection in a long time. She too showed off the quiet sophistication of the prints by being able to bring to the runway a fashionable and sexy look with a twist of “I don’t give a damn.”

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