privatejettripfor50Passport to 50: Circumnavigate the world in a privately outfitted Boeing 767 stopping in 20 cities in 20 days offered at $13,875,000.


DreamMaker, the luxury travel boutique that designs experiential vacations for the ultra-affluent, and VeryFirstTo have partnered together to release their latest trip–Passport to 50. One client will circumnavigate the globe on his own private Boeing 767 in tandem with up to 49 other friends and family who will accompany him or her on a second Boeing Business Jet.The experience will cover 20 cities in 20 days. 88% of the time will be spent on the ground, while 12% will be in air. Offered at $13,875,000, the trip is slated for August 2017 and will kick-off in Koh Samui, Thailand.

The trip includes flat-beds, chef-inspired cuisine, a Master Sommelier, a $500,000 charity poker tournament with the world’s top-ranked poker players, an in-flight yoga session, a fashion show, and a hypnotherapist and acupuncturist. During those 20 days, guests will welcome a multitude of renowned icons on the jet during various legs of the trip including a former commander of the US forces, a previous Chef to the Queen of England, and an American baseball legend. As much as a big and high-tech private jet can help alleviate some of the discomfort of traveling, DreamMaker’s believes that a trip cannot be a success without travelers being completely relaxed. For this reason, Passport to 50 will hand-select 50 professionals and experts from different and respective fields in order to ensure a one-to-one ratio of guest to staff onboard.

The bespoke activities do not end onboard, a few of the many more experiences that will be happening off board include: the Palio horse race in Siena, a private concert with Chris Botti under the stars in Marrakech, and diving for pearls in the South Sea.

DreamMaker’s will be the first to dabble in Experiential Aviation, the pinnacle of luxury aviation. To commemorate this marquee trip, DreamMaker’s has partnered with various companies to make sure the trip is a bespoke experience from start to finish. Partner World of Diamonds Group was commissioned to create fifty 18-karat gold swizzle sticks set with a spinning globe at the top bearing 20 white diamonds each representing every city landing of Passport to 50 as well as a few of the companies specialty blue diamonds to evoke the sky. The swizzle sticks value is an extravagant $1 million dollars–per guest.

Joining the Passport to 50 experience is London’s Hotel 41. To mark this one-of-a-kind event, the hotel will be the first to completely rebrand its identity to “Hotel 50” and accommodate the story of this 20 day journey with its famously personalized service. The hotel will undergo some renovation to its foyer, commission newly monogrammed bed and bath linens and raise “Hotel 50” flag.

The trip will benefit children and various charities around the world,including Water.org, Starlight Children’s Foundation, Make-a-Wish Foundation, and Whole Child International, through Experiential Giving. “It makes no sense to work so hard to please the most discerning clientele without making the same effort to balance the decadence with an element of kindness that delivers higher levels of fulfillment,” says Gregory Patrick founder of DreamMaker.

Whether you are looking for a one-of-a-kind holiday around the globe for you a small group of friends or for you and 49 of your close friends (the trip would end up being $277,500 per person), contact DreamMaker‘s and check out Passport to 50 to learn more.

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