January 8, 2015

Now, I want to start off by saying that I am by no means a Ralph Lauren die-hard fan. But when browsing through several fashion sites I came across the new Pre-Fall 2015 collection and couldn’t help but sneak a peak. Although I find Ralph Lauren to be known for his classic looks, I think he was truly able to take his classic look a step further and transform it into a more luxurious but simplistic look. By playing around with the very plain and common material camel hair, he was able to turn the looks into something a bit more versatile yet still retaining their simplicity.

He was able to keep the looks simplicity by integrating impressive knitwear with elegant tailoring, yet amp up the look with other looks by adding an intense focus on texture by creating a range of smart and inventive combinations. Aside from the basic yet beautiful natural and nude colors, that will always remain classic, the combinations he created are both minimal, from a big cashmere tunic sweater with suede from shoulder to wrist, to intricate, as noted with the Mongolian lamb vest with a lace collar worn over a cardigan and whisper-thin chiffon dress embellished with beading. In this pre-fall collection, I believe that Ralph Lauren was able to achieve the rugged yet refined “Madison Ave” look, a style that’s a bit different from what we normally see from Ralph Lauren.

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