October 15, 2014 

My graphic design course required me too be inspired by a graphic designer and create a poster.

I was inspired by Alexey Brodovitch, art director of Harper’s Bazaar for nearly a quarter of a century from 1934 to 1958.

Brodovitch is virtually the model for the modern magazine art director. He did not simply arrange photographs, illustrations and type on the page; he took an active role in conceiving and commissioning all forms of graphic art, and he specialized in discovering and showcasing young and unknown talent. He refined his page layouts to the point of utter simplicity.

By the 1950’s, white space was the hallmark of the Brodovitch style. Models in Parisian gowns and American sports clothes “floated” on the page, surrounded by white backgrounds, while headlines and type took on an ethereal presence. At his best, Brodovitch was able to create an illusion of elegance from the merest hint of materiality. Clothes were presented not as pieces of fabric cut in singular ways, but as signs of a fashionable life.

Below you will find my blogs own personal poster, with a design inspired by Alexey Brodovitch.

Photography done by: CJ Moy

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