The first week of October, the beginning of Fall–boots, wind, the orange, yellow and red of the trees and leaves, hot chocolates, crisp apple tarts and weekend getaways. After a 6 hour drive through the breath-taking fall foliage of New York state, we arrive in the french speaking city of Montréal, Québec, Canada.

The city can be divided into four different sections: Downtown, Old Montréal, Mont-Royal Parc and Le Plateau-Mont-Royal and Mile End. In this article, we explore Vieux-Montréal.

Among a few, the quaint streets that I recommend as must-visit rues in Montréal are as follows:

N1Place d’Youville: A promenade down the exclusive residential area of Montréal, will have you wanting to move to Montréal within a heartbeat. If your there around dinner, stop by Gibby’s for a juicy steak in an 18th century renovated stable.

N2Rue Saint-Paul: The West is lined with a lot of tiny hidden cafés and old French buildings, as well as the occasional tourist shop. The East intersects with a Place that features painters, talented singers, outdoor cafés and a view of Montréal’s Saint-Lawrence River.

N3Rue Saint-Pierre: A cobble stone street lined by quaint French residential buildings.


N4Rue Saint-Francois-Xavier and Rue Notre-Dame O: What is a visit to Vieux-Montréal without stopping by the la Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal?

N5Vieux-Port: A stroll across the bridges and boardwalk at Vieux-Port offer your breath-taking views of Montréals clocktower, red, orange and green foliage, and Pont Jacques Cartier. The Vieux-Port is lined with small street markets selling artisanal Maple Syrup (P.S. I almost bought the entire pop-up shops supply of Maple Syrup it was that good.) As we all know Canada is known for its Maple Syrup. It has a certain richness and smoothness to it unlike regular store bought Maple Syrup. The glass bottles they are sold in come in different shapes and sizes, from the Maple Leaf to the Hockey Player and Goalie. The details of the product are thought out from start to finish.

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