July 1, 2015

After carefully scrutinizing the Men’s Spring 2016 Collection, I have narrowed it down to 12 Looks that I believe every man will want in their wardrobe.

In my opinion, the obvious winner this season was Giorgio Armani. As always, Armani was stylish, classy, simple, appropriate for every occasion and not flashy. As you can see, I had a slight preference towards the low cut v-neck on men. I think it emphasizes the neck, an area of the body that is considered androgynous and erotic, and the chest more, sexualizing the look just a little bit while still maintaining its classiness.

Berluti spoke to me because it decided to show some color while simultaneously not overwhelming the viewer with too many patterns and colors. The electric blue complements the neutral colors, adding a hint of vivacity in the look.

The classic english look was best demonstrated by Burberry Prorsum. Rather than sticking to the electric blue trend, Burberry decide to break away from the clan by leaning more towards a calm olive green color. The benefit to the olive green color is that it is easy to match with any outfit really, from a navy trench coat to a brown sweater vest with a white button down. For those of you who did not notice, Burberry managed to make the look appear lighter for the Spring time versus their Fall collections by making the white button downs sheer.

My new up and coming favorite designer this year has to be Sonia Rykiel! Her fall 2015 collection was absolutely stunning. Simple with a touch elegance and sportiness. My favorite men’s look from her collection had to be the all black outfit a simple white design on the sweater. Nothing too flashy or complicated that gives you a headache, but still enough emphasis on the design to have it catch your eye. After all, I was always of the opinion that simplicity is key..

Men Sonia Rykiel Fall

Although there where many interesting designs, I grouped together a couple of look that stood out to me when flipping through the Spring 2016 menswear collection with designs by Margaret Howell, Dior Homme and Casley Hayford.

Although the looks do not speak to me, I just had to add Valentino’s smartest marketing move ever. I applaud Valentino for being so creative and adding a touch a of humor to their runway show. They earned a spot in my fashion book just for reviving two of my favorite models of all time from one of my favorite movies Zoolander – Derek Zoolander and Hansel McDonald!

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