wheretoeatinmodicaThree of my favorite places to eat in Modica.


Caffé Dell’Arte

For those with a sweet tooth, Modica is the perfect destination–cannolis, Modican chocolate, granita, cassata Siciliana and sweet filled brioches. For the best breakfast in Modica, nothing beats Caffé Dell’Arte for its ricotta filled brioche, coffee granita and great staff. Established in 1967, Caffé Dell’Arte has the freshest instantly made breakfast sweets on the counter, the brioches delicious aroma spills out of the oven and into the bakery filling the pedestrian alleyway.

Forget about breakfast sandwiches with eggs, cheese and bacon, when you are in Modica you simply have to try Caffé Dell’Arte‘s ricotta filled brioches.


N2Osteria dei Sapori Perduti

A favorite among locals, the “Osteria of Lost Flavors” pays homage to Southern Sicily’s unique and traditional dishes. Held in one of the Modica’s most antique noble palaces, Osteria dei Sapori Perduti offers traditional casarecce cuisine. All the menus are written in traditional Sicilian dialect with a brief overview of the ingredients and recipe steps illustrated alongside mouthwatering images. A few classics include Pasta con il Macco, a fava bean soup that the working class used to subsist on due to its availability, Spezzatino, veal stew, Coniglio alla Stimpirata, rabbit fried and sautéed with carrots, capers and olives, and my favorite Cavatelli con Ricotta e Piselli, Cavatelli pasta with peas and ricotta.

Modica’s hearty and unpretentious cuisine is encapsulated in Osteria dei Sapori Perduti.


N3 Antica Dolceria Bonajuto

Modica is famous for its chocolate. The Spaniards ground cacao beans on a curved stone called a metate and made bars of cacao paste that were then grated over food or liquefied and consumed as a beverage, in the Aztec fashion. This pure method of production that does not include any extra conservatives, fat, artificial flavors or mechanized labor is basically extinct. In Modica, l’Antica Dolceria Bonajuto chocolatiers still use this traditional method to make chocolate. The chocolate is 65% cacao, 34% sugar and 1% spice ranging from orange zest to lemon, pistachio, nutmeg, chili pepper, coffee and on.

The outcome is pure joy for the palate, and for the heart.

My Own Private Modica

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