January 9, 2015

I was first introduced to Lisa Eldridge’s beauty website by my mother. I instantly fell in love with her as the British make-up artist and French make-up brand taught me tricks on how to look great when stepping out of an airplane after an 8 hour flight, how to create a red carpet smokey eye look, an Audrey Hepburn look and even everyday looks. She was my mentor when learning how to pick up quick and classy makeup routines. That’s why when I found out that Lisa Eldridge had been appointed creative director of Lancôme make-up where she will be working on collections, new product formulations and new application techniques and tutorials with consumers.

Lisa Eldridge Website

Lisa had been adamant about committing herself as Creative Director solely for UK brand Boots No7 for 10 years. I hadn’t even heard about Boots No7 and Lisa Eldridge’s affiliations with it until this christmas when my brother bought me their lipstick..! However, it was in 2013 that her contract with Boots No7 had expired and Lisa began looking for new affiliations.

I was glad to hear that Lisa will continue with her original blog and instructional video posts that consist of beauty news, honest product reviews and cosmetic inspiration. In my opinion, Lisa’s integrity and values will not be exploited with Lancôme as they both seem to want to carry out the same vision. As Françoise Lehmann, General Manager of Lancôme International has stated, “Lisa and Lancôme, immediately appeared evident for us. We share the same values, the same desire to provide to women the keys to a more intimate and deep sense of beauty, rather than one that is solely on the surface. A style of beauty that removes itself from a purely materialistic vision of femininity to one that is aspirational and influential.”

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