August 7, 2014
Buccellati is a brand that is very close to my heart. It is a company known for its textural handmade 18k jewelry crafted with techniques that can date back hundreds of years. The company works exclusively with a stable of nearly 300 artisans throughout Italy who are skilled in a specific technique of making jewelry. Most are family shops that hand down their craft to the next generation. Because of this, the company only produces one-of-a-kind or extremely limited-editions of their pieces. 
iPhone Case – $208,000
In the last couple of years, the company has been undergoing great rebranding efforts. As part of this new strategy, Buccellati has decided to appeal to the 21st Century Consumer while maintaining its traditional craftsmanship by creating novel products. 
The first products Buccellati decided to create for the young high-end consumer were that of the “world’s most expensive” iPad and iPhone cases. These are one-of-a-kind pieces and the first products designed exclusively by the talented and young designer Lucrezia Buccellati. 

iPad Case – $485,000

The gold cases featureRigato etching, one of the company’s best known metal techniques in which parallel lines are cut onto the surface of the metal to obtain a sheen effect. Atop the gold are sunburst designs made of white gold and diamonds. Lucrezia said she was inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings of the sun. 

Along with it’s new logo that was made to appeal to the more contemporary and younger crowd, these are the first cases that the company will produce for phones and tablets and perhaps other tech products under the Unica collection name. 
For more of Buccelati’s beautiful designs, check out their newly redesigned website, which was quietly launched recently…


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