The 4 Best Websites For Finding Cheap Flights

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Direct roundtrip to Italy for $399, to St. Maarten for $230, and to London for $355 from New York. Yes – these are all trips I have booked in the last year from my very own computer and you can do it to. Find out my 4 secret sources to unlocking amazing prices on cheap flights for your next trip. 

Recently I was asked what sites I use to book flights when planning my trips. It’s true that there is some strategic thinking behind purchasing my flights, which is why I am able to get such amazing prices. Here I share with you my deepest insider secrets on the top 4 sites I use for booking cheap flights…and I also throw in a couple of travel hacks here and there. flight

Domestic vs. International flights

Booking tickets for these requires a very different strategy. When booking domestic flights it’s really difficult to understand timing. You need to first have an understanding of the highest, lowest and average prices you can get for these flights and go from there. Once you understand what the average price for a trip is, you can determine if you can have a good deal from there. It has been said that the sweet spot for booking domestic flights is 3 – 3.5 weeks out. But to be quite honest, I have found this tactic to be untrue when it comes to highly sought out destinations such as St. Barth. As a rule of thumb, I like to buy my tickets up to two months out to get the best deals for both domestic AND international. Still don’t trust me? In the last year here are just a few examples of what I have spent the following on flights (kid you not):

  • NYC – Italy: $399 (direct and roundtrip) – month of November during the Thanksgiving holidays. Average price is $985+.
  • NYC – St. Maarten$230 (direct and roundtrip) – month of March during peak months! Average price is $570+.
  • NYC – London: $355 (direct and roundtrip) – month of October. Average price $730+.

Unreal right? My biggest secret to finding these amazing deals are my top 4 flight search engines.


It is by far my favorite and go to search engine when it comes to booking flights. My favorite feature from this website is the fact that it is able to show you the lowest price for every day of the month both for departure and return all on one page. So it allows you to see how much your paying based on each day and decide whether you want to pay extra and stay a bit longer, or pay less and leave a bit earlier.

SkyScanner Best websites to use to book cheapest flight according to a travel blogger recommendation what site to use best deals

Google Flights

This was introduced to me by Patrick. At first I was skeptical..I wasn’t sure whether to trust Google since it is a search engine and I’m sure it’s optimizing on featuring these airlines in their flight search engine website. But it actually reveals some excellent deals. Unlike SkyScanner, it does not give you the option to view cheapest month of the year and does not give you a price breakdown for every day of the month for both departure and return.  Google doesn’t layout the prices as clearly as SkyScanner does in my opinion. Rather than break the prices down by departure and return trip, it bundles them into the cheapest roundtrip ticket and gives you a given date of departure and return. It doesn’t offer you the opportunity to customize it yourself as well as SkyScanner does.

But what I really like about Google flights is that it gives you the option to choose a destination and flight based on your “interests.” The filter “interests” includes options such as adventure travel, beaches, culture, ecotourism, winter sports and honeymoon. It’s random generator will give you suggestions on top travel destinations based on your price specifications, interest specification, flight duration and times. It’s an amazing tool for people who are not sure where they want to go and have a lot of restrictions with regards to flight time, duration and price.


Kayak is another great travel search engine. Not only when it comes to flights, but to car rentals too! I always find the cheapest car rental agencies through Kayak. The website is pretty similar to SkyScanner and Google Flights in its features, but I feel that the layout of the website is more user friendly for those who may feel that the layout of SkyScanner and Google Flights is a bit too complex to maneuver. The filters are located on the side and easy to play around with. Unfortunately, it does not breakdown the price per day and month so is best used when you are looking for a specified time period. But it does hint at which days are cheapest via a green dot on the dates in the calendar.

Two of my favorite features from this app are the live recommendation box on the upper left hand corner that tells you when the best time to buy your tickets (at the lowest price) is based on your selected dates. Kayak has data scientists that study the market and recommend whether it is best to buy now, the price will drop in the next 7 days, or increase. Their purchase advisory is based on an analysis of current and past prices. It’s definitely a helpful indicator if you are not certain whether you are about to get the best deal or not. The other great feature is Track Prices Alert. You have the option to receive notifications via email and track prices on specific dates you selected so you can get real time updates when the price drops or increases. Google Flights and SkyScanner also carry this feature, but I always have a harder time finding it since it isn’t as prominently displayed on their websites in my opinion.

Kayak Best flight search engine sites to use for booking a cheap travel ticket travel blogger advice recommendations track price alerts live recommendation based on analysis


For some reason, there are times when I find the best deals on Expedia. The site is easy to navigate, they have special offers all the time, AND if you sign-up and become a member (all for free) you gain Expedia points which can help lower the price of your next hotel stay or flight. Expedia also does this amazing offer where almost every time you book a flight, they offer you a discount from a hotel in that area if you book it through them.I also use Expedia to book my car rentals alongside Kayak. Expedia tends to be more reliable when it comes to car rentals because it works with the bigger chains that have been validated by other users. Kayak brings up the cheaper yet smaller chains that might not be as great. Overall, a trustworthy source with great deals.

Expedia Best flight search engine sites to use for booking a cheap travel ticket travel blogger advice recommendations homepage

So there you have it. All my secrets revealed to you on how I fly the world on such a low budget. I hope this will help you find the best price to that amazing place you’ve always wanted to go to!

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27 Replies to “The 4 Best Websites For Finding Cheap Flights”

  1. I used to be a Skyscanner guy myself but of late I have been using which you did not list. I have also discovered that for example we are traveling from Thailand to the country of Georgia on October 4th. On Skyscanner and Kiwi the cheapest flight was around $327 but when I added baggage the price went from $327 to around $414 and the total time was 37 hours with stops in Iran which I really did not want to make. I went to the price of $414 and was able to book a flight from Bangkok to Tibilisi with only 1 stop and a 1.5 hour layover for $414 including baggage and meals total flight time 10.5 hours vs 37 on the Skyscanner setup.

    1. Hi john, thanks for recommending! I feel like you need to toggle around with the filters on the side to find the right fit on SkyScanner sometimes. I’ll definitely check out thanks for the recommendation 🙂

  2. Alison - Up&AtEm Travel says: Reply

    Great overview of the sites. I love the calendar functions in both Skyscanner and Google flights – as well as the huge map shown in Google flights! Very good resources.

  3. Great list. I had been using ITA Matrix to find cheap flights but lately have been loving Google Flights.

  4. Great tips! I have not used skyscanner or google flights before. Can’t wait to give them a shot.

  5. Skyscanner is my favorite site to go on too! I found round trip (direct) tickets to Cartagena from NYC for $400!! It was a city I never expected to visit, and Skyscanner has sent me on countless adventures I wouldn’t have found otherwise. I love the option to search [my airport] to “everywhere”!

  6. Ah! I’ll have to keep these in mind, I’m going somewhere soon, just don’t know where! haha

  7. Skyscanner is by far my favorite when it comes to international travels.

  8. ohh thats good ı m writing a travel blog and ıts good to find cheap flights thansk for share and if want to check my blog

  9. Thanks for sharing this is great info!! 👌🏻

  10. Omg thank you so much for this! I’m going to Florida in February so this was great!

  11. Thanks for your tips will definitely try as I want to plan a trip this year

  12. I probably wouldn’t be able to afford to visit home in a couple of months if it wasn’t for skyscanner. I love in Hawaii so tickets to the mainland are pretty pricey.

  13. This is very helpful! Thanks!

  14. Thanks for the list always looking for cheap flights will give Kayak a go

  15. These are almost the exact sites that we use. I’m glad to see that we’re on the right track!

  16. I agree. These are great website. My go to is Kayak and Google Flights. I believe Google is trying to take over the world lol. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Great information…definitely going to use these next time I book a flight.

  18. Great tips you’ve got here! Skyscanner is my favorite as well, I haven’t tried google flights yet so I’ll give it a try next time! 🙂

  19. I haven’t heard of sky scanner- thanks for the tip!

  20. I haven’t tried these before. Traveling with a family of four, I will take any savings I can get!

  21. I’ve used Kayak and Expedia before. I’m always up for saving on flights since they seem to be increasing these days. I’m going to try out sky scanner on my next vacay plan!

  22. Brittany Stewart says: Reply

    Tucking this away for future reference! In fact, I should just call you and let you book our travel! Haha you get great deals!!

    1. Haha thanks Brittany 🙂 Feel free to reach out should you have any travel questions, always happy to help

  23. Brittany Stewart says: Reply

    Tucking this away for future reference! In fact, seems like I should just call you and let you book our travel haha you score great deals!

  24. Thanks..have used Expedia, great tips and destinations too 😊

  25. Awesome info. I’ve used the Google one when it was ITA. It’s always been a valuable tool. Love how you can play with different scenarios to get the best prices and times. Especially important with connecting flights. Hadn’t heard of the 1st one so will definitely be checking that out. Thank you!

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