Where to Stay Near Agrigento, Sicily: Fontes Episcopi Bio Resort Part II

Meals based on a macrobiotic diet, peacocks wandering inside and outside the property, geese and guinea fowl meandering in the garden, and enjoyable and long nights spent talking with the owner Maurizio—this is what Fontes Episcopi Bio Resort is all about. Photography property of SVADORE What is a Bio Resort? After the first night at […]

Where to Stay near Agrigento, Sicily: Fontes Episcopi Bio Resort Part I

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Steps away from the tourist stays of Agrigento lies Fontes Episcopi. Far from a hotel, guesthouse, bed and breakfast, or any other type of accommodation, Fontes Episcopi is a Bio Resort that specializes in harmonizing and re-connecting people and the environment the way our ancestors once lived. Photography property of SVADORE Go visit the famous […]