4 Carry-On Travel Essentials For Any Packing List

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After countless flights and trips, I believe I have mastered the art of the carry-on—right down to looking restored and rejuvenated after a flight. So what do I bring with me at all times? Here are my 4 carry-on travel essentials.

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I am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to my in-flight beauty regimen. Traveling constantly alongside recycled air and high altitude on flights means dry skin, cracked lips, and impending breakouts, so it is important that I have my most trustworthy and hydrating products on board with me. After years of traveling, I have finally mastered the step-by-step beauty routine required for both long- and short-haul flights that will ensure you remain fresh-faced from one time zone to the next. Amongst my array of carry-on products, from contact lenses and eye drops to sanitizing wipes and deodorant, come my 4 must-have carry-on travel essentials, including my favorite Zero Chemical Skin Care OY-L.


My newest beauty discovery is OY-L and it sits in my carry-on bag with me at all times. Launched by Andrea Pierce-Naymon, it is a Zero Chemical Skin Care line. Inspired by her daughter’s sudden unexplained weakness, pain and discomfort, Andrea sought out to create natural beauty solutions without toxic ingredients. She ultimately created beauty without secrets. My story is similar: following an allergic reaction I had to an ingredient in a beauty product in 2015, I became extremely conscious of the products I was putting on my face, hair and body. 2 years later I came across this life-changing brand, OY-L.

Not only is OY-L’s beauty line amazing, but it comes in travel sizes too. My favorite and the one I bring with me on all my trips is the Bon Voyage kit, which features a Manuka Honey Face Wash, Hydrating Facial Mist, and Face Cream.

If you have not washed off your makeup before getting onboard, do so immediately. My go-to is the Manuka Honey Face Wash. Before I get on a flight, I always make sure my skin is purified, cleansed and restored.

Whether you use it in-flight or right before getting off a flight, the Hydrating Facial Mist is the Holy Grail for dull, thirsty skin. The scent? It’s more of a fresh garden than a skin-care product and completely natural! The rosewater stimulates the skin and heightens the blood flow, while the Aloe Vera Juice, Witch Hazel, and Lavender Oil work to regenerate skin and reduce redness. The cherry on top? The Prickly Pear Oil and Abyssinian Oil help stimulate collagen production and maintain moisturized skin.

For eyes and a face that looks awake and hydrated, I slather on OY-L Face Cream rich in age-defying antioxidants that promote skin renewal before and after I land. Carrot and Rosehip oil give it powerful antioxidant properties, while the Avocado, Jojoba and Primrose oil help battle inflammation, bacteria, and dark spots.

Lips are probably the number one casualties on flights. I always make sure my lips stay hydrated with OY-L’s Manuka Latte Lip Balm. On top of the honey’s anti-inflammation properties, the coffee butter helps keep lips highly moisturized and repairs dry skin from harsh elements. My lips have never felt better and more moisturized then when I wear OY-L’s lip balm!

Last but not least, if you feel like you need to hydrate your hands or neck while on flight, I recommend OY-L’s famous Body Butter (I went with the unscented, but their are a variety of scents available). Their high absorption formula quickly enhances your skin’s health and softness helping you stay hydrated throughout your entire flight.


One of the most important things to do is to drink lots of water. It will keep your skin looking hydrated and clear when consumed alongside the OY-L Hydrating Facial Mist. I usually purchase water bottles before boarding so I don’t have to keep asking the flight attendant to refill my small airplane cup.


It’s in everyone’s best interest to sleep on flights. In order to get your best quality zzz’s and give your skin time to supercharge with the power of your OY-L ingredients, you will need a silk eye mask. For those of you who believe you don’t need an eye mask to get proper shut-eye, think again. We all know that no matter how dark an airplane gets, dim lights will be on at all times and there will always be someone watching TV or keeping their reading light on. Eye masks function by covering the light receptors within the eyes, which results in a change from the body producing serotonin to melatonin. This helps fortify the body’s defense mechanisms and reduce the chance of health issues. To avoid those unnecessary sleep mask wrinkles, I opt for silk eye masks that are gentle on the delicate skin around the eyes and have been said to improve skin hydration levels. Lastly, silk is a hypoallergenic fabric, which is a plus for people like me with sensitive skin!


If you aren’t lucky enough to get a window seat to rest your head on, you’ll be super thankful for the travel pillow or neck pillow. To avoid a stiff neck and get a better quality sleep, I definitely recommend you invest in one of these neck pillows. It inflates in a couple of breaths, which allows you to customize the firmness. I like neck pillows with an extra bump at the top, so I can turn them to the side and use them like a small side pillow to rest my head on.

If you feel like I’ve given more emphasis to beauty products and sleep than to any other element in my travel essential carry-on guide, then you are right. Hydration is my number one key to looking restored, rejuvenated, and refreshed after landing from a long- or short- haul flight. Followed by some great shut-eye to help the products work their magic.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for OY-L. All opinions remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.

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45 Replies to “4 Carry-On Travel Essentials For Any Packing List”

  1. This is a great reminder on how important hydration is! I never leave home without my sleep mask 😉

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  4. This looks to great, thanks for sharing! I usually just think ‘Well, it’s one day of travel, I’ll survive’, but I’ve noticed that I feel a lot better if I stay hydrated and keep something like lip balm nearby. And maybe I should add a few more items, like a mist or something.

  5. This stuff sounds good. I can vouch for the sleep mask. I love sleep masks

  6. great list; definitely agree about the skin care stuff

  7. Oh, that honey face wash sounds amazing! All great ideas and yes, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! 😉

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  9. Gotta try those lip products! Gonna need it in the winter!

  10. Thank you for sharing your tips! I think the most important thing when flying is hydration, especially on long haul flights! I gave up on the pillow as I never found a good one… maybe I’ll try yours!

  11. I like your list. The only thing I didn’t have on my list was the eye mask…You’ Made some compelling reasons for me to pick one up for my next trip. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Great list! I have been trying different neck pillows lately trying to find the best fit. Have you heard about the ones that are flat and wrap around your neck? Kind of like a neck brace. I have seen some adds but can’t find any in stores to try out.

    1. Yes I have, they scare me a little! It looks like a spider wrapped around a neck haha. I am sure amazon sells them, they sell everything 🙂

  13. That eye mask is too cute!

  14. I never bring any of this but now it seems necessary. Thanks for sharing

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  16. These all look great! I’ll have to try! Thanks for sharing!

  17. My daughter is traveling more and more. I will make one of these kits for her.

  18. Love this post. The items listed are my Essentials as well!

  19. Great list and a very interesting cosmetics brand I haven’t heard of before. Will put it on my list, would love to try it once.

  20. I am just wondering. I havent tried the inflatable beck pillow, is it comfy?

    1. I am going to be honest with you, I hated the neck pillow at the beginning. But after playing around with it for a little bit, I readjusted it to the side so that I could use the extra bump on the top as a pillow to lean on – I loved it. Now I can’t travel without it and don’t mind sitting in the middle seat anymore 🙂 I don’t wear it how it’s supposed to be worn because it’s wrapped around my neck incorrectly, but it works for me!!

  21. I will add mint:) And I don’t bring neck pillow though, im still not sure if it’s worth it or if it’s really comfy. Is it? 🙂 Thank u

    1. Yes, if you buy the right one I promise you you will not mind sitting in the middle seat ever again! 🙂

  22. What great products. I have never heard of the Brand before. I’m not sure they sell this in Australia. Thanks for sharing tho.

  23. facial mist is a must! My skin always feels so tired and dull after a flight.

  24. Thank you for sharing that to us! I think, it is important to have a small bag with the hydration stuff with us on travels!
    BTW, I love your namecreation for the Blog!!!!

    1. Thank you so much Muriel! 🙂

  25. What great ideas and reminders for self care while flying!

  26. This is perfect! My boyfriend and I travel a lot so I’m always looking for new ideas. Thanks!

  27. I normally carry the 2nd one in your article whereever I go,Since I plan mostly expeditions and trekking I do carry other things besides the ones you mentioned…Thanks for sharing this little information

  28. Great selections of carry on items. This just got me that much more excited for my upcoming trip to Spain!

  29. My lips are takign winter so badly this year… I still have no clue why!

    1. It might be the chapstick you are using! Remember, the more natural the products, the better on your lips. Some chapstick actually dries out and irritates your lips even more

  30. Hydration is SO key for long flights. My skin always looks so sallow after I’ve been traveling by plane. My favorite tip is to bring an empty water bottle through security and fill it at the fountain once you’re past – works like a charm to keep me hydrated and drinking water throughout the entire flight!

  31. Face mist is great to apply before getting off a plane.

  32. The hydrating mist sounds so interesting! I generally use rosewater to hydrate my skin, but would definitely look into this brand.

  33. These tips are awesome! Airplane air is so dry, it seriously kills my skin – hydration/ moisture is so necessary! And I feel like such an idiot when I forget my eye mask on a long flight… 🙂 xo

  34. I would love to try the neck pilow. the current has stopped working. also, really glamorous pics and lovely detailed write-up.

  35. Absolutely adore this post! Your photos are unique and sooo relaxing. Definitely makes me want to jump in a bath with all of those products! Especially the latte lip balm. Xoxo

  36. I honestly found this post so helpful! I absolutely love traveling, but I never know what to bring!

  37. I’m interested in this skin care line you mentioned. I have sensitive skin so finding a product that doesn’t irritate me is all trial and error. And I totally agree with the eye mask and neck pillow. I’d also recommend a travel wallet to organize passport, boarding pass, documents, money. I got one recently and it’s been a God send!

    1. Agree about the travel passport, it’s on my list! 🙂 As for the skin care line, I feel you..I had extremely sensitive skin about 2 years ago to the point where anything I put on it would make it burn. HALLELUJAH – In comes OY-L. I have never put anything so natural and hydrating on my skin in my life. No reactions, no burning, no irritations. I highly recommend it!!

  38. Wow, you really put some work into your photos, they are great. Also, I never heard of OY-L, but will definitely check it out. Thanks for the great post!

  39. glitzbeautyteam says: Reply

    They all look so good! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Jeanny from http://www.glitzbeautyblog.com

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