Essentials for a Snowy Day in NYC

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The city that never sleeps does not hibernate through the colder months. Here a few ways to make the best of a snowy day in Manhattan. 

View from my apartment window.

N1A Walk Through Central Park’s Winter Wonderland

Central Park is particularly beautiful during a snowfall with a fresh layer of snow frosting the benches, snow capped trees and not a tourist in sight! On a jaw-dropping Saturday afternoon such as this one, I quickly put on my Herno jacket and toughest snow boots and made my way out for an afternoon walk ready to face the windy storm ahead.



Homemade Hot Chocolate (Italian-Style)

After a long walk out in the cold, admiring the snow falling over Bow Bridge and the Cardinals trying to hide among the snow capped trees, I got home and could not wait to get into my comfy sweatpants, fuzzy socks and sit by the fire sipping a cup of homemade hot chocolate. Unlike regular hot chocolate, Italian hot chocolate is rich, thick and full of real chocolate. This is the kind of drink you make when you truly want to indulge! For the recipe to my favorite Italian hot chocolate, see Giallo Zafferano’s Cioccolata Calda.

Indulging in my homemade hot chocolate while watching the snow fall out my window.

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