A 3 Day Guide to the Island of Mykonos, Greece: Part I

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Photography by: Svadore

After a full two weeks of sightseeing around Italy and Athens, we finally hit our first real “vacation” spot. There is a difference between “traveling” and “vacation.” Traveling requires seeing things and always being active which is a lot of fun, but exhausting once it hits day 4. Vacation requires lounging around, not rushing things, and not having a plan. So you would understand why after two weeks of traveling Italy and a few days in Athens, we could not wait to reach Mykonos and enjoy our first real vacation day.

It took me a long time to research places to stay in Mykonos town. Everything was very expensive, and I was on a college budget at the time. But being the person I am, I did not want to sacrifice a beautiful stay because of money. So I searched and searched and searched…and after 3 hours I found Eleanna’s. Right on budget, super central, and just what Pat and I were looking for.

As we got off the ferry from Athens to Mykonos, we made our way through the small labyrinth streets to Eleanna’s. There we were greeted by the manager, Paul, who showed us all the ins and outs of the apartment and made sure we were not going to destroy the place. Mykonos is a party island so the owners, Lorraine and Stelios, are very wary about who they give the apartment too since they have had bad experiences in the past. Luckily Pat and I were an innocent couple, so reassured Paul of our intention to just relax.

And boy did we reassure him. We decided to venture through the white washed streets for a quick lunch. Mykonos seemed deserted! Pat and I were so confused since we had heard rumors about how flooded these tiny streets would get. While grabbing a sandwich at a cute café near by, we spoke with the townspeople about how empty the place was. They told us that since it was May 31st, we would see the flood of people start coming in tomorrow. Basically, we only had one day to enjoy the peace and quiet of the town. After lunch, as the crazy partygoers that Pat and I are, we headed back to our apartment…and took a 3-hour nap. We were so tired from traveling that we felt we had to catch up on sleep.

Awaking from our slumber we decided to head to Maereio for their famous meatballs. We had to get there before 7:30 PM because if you come any later, you can expect up to a 2-hour wait! And no, you cannot book a table in advance. Everything is done old style, first-come first-serve! Maereio is a small, intimate space with little outdoor seating, but a gorgeous indoor ambiance. The entrance is so subtle, many have a hard time finding this hidden gem – which makes it all the more special. What makes Maereio’s meatballs so famous is the fact that the meatballs are a closely guarded family recipe. I can attest to the fact that yes, their meatballs are off the charts!

Following our dinner, we headed to Alley Café at the recommendation of Pat’s Uncle. He knew the famous cocktail maker or mixologist there, Basile, and told us to mention his name. He was so happy to hear we knew Pat’s Uncle that he served us quite a surprise! Basile is a legend and known for his unique, esthetic, and amazing drinks. He is an artist. We sat outside, people watched, and ordered some simple cocktails to begin, which were served to us in beautiful copper tin mugs with flowers in them! As we were sipping on our beverages, little did we expect Basile to come flying out with a complementary cocktail beverage that was essentially made for 8 people…and we were only in 2!! His generosity was beyond what we expected and the drinks were very flavorful and sweet, perfect for a summer’s night in Mykonos and just what you need before a night out. It definitely sets the mood to go party afterwards.

Unfortunately, Pat and I were exhausted from our travels, so we headed straight to bed following the cocktails. In the next two days, we would be exploring countless beaches, renting a quad, and uncovering hidden gems. Stay tuned for my next two posts on Mykonos!

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29 Replies to “A 3 Day Guide to the Island of Mykonos, Greece: Part I”

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  7. I love the Greek Islands. I was in Mykonos September last year and it was crazy busy, so I’m suprised it was still deserted at the end of May. It’s definitely one of the more expensive islands, but it’s so beautiful you have to go. It sounds like you had a wonderful time though, and those cocktails look superb.

  8. Mykonos looks absolutely stunning! I’ve always wanted to go to Greece and I’ve been curious about Mykonos since I heard the song by Fleet Foxes, but you’ve just sold me!

  9. Mykonos looks absolutely stunning! I’ve always wanted to go to Greece and Mykonos has peaked my interest ever since I heard the song by Fleet Foxes. You’ve completely sold me on going there!

  10. Oh what a lovely vacation spot! I am jealous as Mykonos is on my bucket list!

  11. Mykonos looks absolutely stunning! I’ve always wanted to go to Greece and Mykonos has peaked my interest ever since I heard the song by Fleet Foxes! You’ve completely sold me on the idea of going there!

  12. Lauren Becker says: Reply

    Looks beautiful! I could use a nice, relaxing vacation.


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    Beautiful! Mykonos is definitely on my list of places to go! Especially with these photos you’ve shared!

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