Masseria Susafa: A Sicilian Getaway for Relax and Restoration

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You wake up and don’t hear a sound. No loud truck honking down the avenue at 5AM, no child screaming outside as his mother takes him to school, no thumping from the floor above you as your neighbor gets ready for work, and no A/C unit loudly blowing in your ear. Utter silence. This is the awakening at Masseria Susafa.

Photography property of SVADORE

As we step out to go grab breakfast, I smell what seems to be the light scent of freshly made laundry. I take a look around the corner outside of our room and see bed sheets pinned and hung onto a tight rope going from one side of the building to the other. This sight brought back memories of my childhood. When I would visit my grandparents in Italy, my grandmother would wash the sheets by hand on a wooden platform and hang them on a tight rope to dry in the sun. This is what Masseria Susafa is all about bringing back memories and allowing you to enjoy the simpler things in life that we overlook and take for granted during our daily busy lives. This sight for sore eyes made me want to leave New York and go straight to Masseria Susafa where I can live out my days working in the fields! For more beautiful imagery of Masseria Susafa’s rustic territory, read my article Checking Into Masseria Susafa: A Heartwarming Stay In The Heart Of Sicily.

As we made our way breakfast, I decided to stop by the terrace to get a better sense of the view during the day. It had rained the night before, so we were not able to sit out on the chairs but the serenity and view was spectacular. I could imagine sitting up here and sipping on a cocktail while reading a book. This property just screams rural weekend escapes away from the hectic society we live in today (and with only 14 rooms, this is possible!).

Breakfast is held in the antique barn, Il Granaio. Having been there the evening prior for dinner, I had an idea of how the interiors would be set up. You could read all about my dinner at Masseria Susafa on From Garden to Table: Masseria Susafa’s Il Granaio. As we stepped in to go grab our breakfast, I was stunned once again by the attention to detail the staff and property at Masseria Susafa take in making meals such a personal experience! Not only was the breakfast buffet full with tons of delicious, healthy, AND gluten-free options, but they were all labeled and presented in a manner that was clever, witty and simple. It was presented in the Masseria Susafa way. Never in my entire life have I experienced such attention to detail when it came to presenting a meal as simple yet as important as breakfast. Masseria Susafa has gone above and beyond what I consider to be a luxury experience.

Freshly picked fruit was elegantly and simplistically displayed in old fruit craters:

Tea was offered in a neatly organized tea storage box:

Bread was offered in a hand-woven breadbasket with a handwritten note pinned to the side and wheat elegantly displayed for presentation:

Cakes were freshly made that very same morning with their local ingredients:

Italian homemade biscuits were offered in clear jars with a handmade note stuck into a small wooden log (once again the attention to detail!):

Milk was displayed in old milk containers labeled with hand written notes wrapped around the jars with twine that read whole milk, almond milk and soy milk—all freshly made on the property:

The gluten-free corner was labeled with a small note stuck into a contorted fork—so clever!:

Although the options were endless, I was so full from last night that I opted for my usual breakfast. For more on my dining experience at Masseria Susafa, read my article From Garden To Table: Masseria Susafa’s Restaurant Il GranaioA croissant with a cappuccino, some seasonal fruit, and yogurt with some fresh granola and seeds was in store for breakfast. Yum! Rather than eat inside, we chose to eat outside under the gazebo. Since we were at a high elevation compared to the rest of Sicily, the temperature was much cooler and more bearable for an outdoor breakfast. The gazebo is located in the center of Masseria Susafa’s courtyard, where the baroness still lives and where the wedding was taking place the day we arrived.

I had the opportunity to walk around the dining area where the wedding took place the day prior and catch some grand photographs of the tall stonewall with its draping white linens. It was elegant and beautiful, perfect for a ceremony such as a wedding. To explore more of the property, you can read my first article on Masseria Susafa and all of it’s amenities on Checking Into Masseria Susafa: A Heartwarming Stay in the Heart of Sicily.

After breakfast I sat in the courtyard and spoke with the Manager of Masseria Susafa, Cristian Di Pasquale. Coming from a background of Fine Hotels & Resorts himself, he finally decided to settle down and work with a property that had more meaning for him, that explored the true sense of the term “luxury” but in a more profound manner. Like me, he believes that luxury lies in truly being able to discover, experience, and live the history, nuances, and local traditions of a culture, town or family. It lies in opening the mind to someone else’s perspective and life.

We went on to discuss the many different ways in which Masseria Susafa has offered these luxury experiences. From cooking classes in the Masseria Susafa kitchen, to taking a tour of the fields with one of the owners of Masseria Susafa and harvesting some seasonal produce, to having astrologists camp out by the pool and capture photography while explaining to guests what they were looking at in the sky. Masseria Susafa offers an experience of the senses unlike any other resort. The resort is currently undergoing some more high-end renovations such as creating some exclusive Suites, but the Manager informed me that it would be nothing to modern or grand that would take over the true local roots of Masseria Susafa.

As my mom and I hopped into our car to go towards Cefalù, we waved goodbye to this one-of-a-kind property. It’s yellow and orange fields, stonewalls, and peaceful atmosphere. In this magical place that is Masseria Susafa you can immerse yourself in an environment that is still genuine, where staying as a guest means finding time for yourself, enjoying the gentle rhythm of the countryside and its relaxed pace, and allowing the silence to restore your serenity and peace.

For more information regarding Masseria Susafa or to reserve a one-of-a-kind stay at the property, reach out to me at

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Masseria Susafa. All opinions remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.

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