Checking Into Masseria Susafa: A Heartwarming Stay in the Heart of Sicily

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Masseria Susafa, an ancient Italian farmhouse, has been transformed into a rest and relaxation resort for travelers looking for a rural escape.

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In Sicily, smack in the middle of the heart of the countryside, stands Masseria Susafa, a farmhouse built around 1870. Now the estate is a fourteen-bedroom property. The property retains its old farmhouse charm creating cozy rooms like the ones in classical Sicilian country houses. Wooden and linen furnishings soften terracotta floors, walls and ceiling. Outside there is a pool and, of course, fields of olive oil and grain. It is here, in this rural escape that you reconnect with nature, an hour and a half from Agrigento and 40 minutes from Cefalù. That morning, we drove through fields and fields of grain tumbled up into massive hay balls and eventually pulled up to this quaint stone property.

We had been made aware that there was a wedding going on the day we arrived, so were greeted in the courtyard by dancing Sicilian’s, joyous music, and a feast that could feed 100s. It was quite a Sicilian greeting to say the least! The typical greeting on this property is one of silence and serenity with the occasional animal noises breaking through here and there, so mine was a little bit different then the standard Masseria Susafa resort experience, but still as thrilling!

As we made our way to the reception area, we were offered some freshly infused water made with local ingredients from their fields. I opted for the ginger and lemon infused water, while my mother opted for the mint and rose. The refreshing beverages set the tone for the rest of our stay at Masseria Susafa resort, a restorative and relaxing stay for the body and mind.

As I was sipping my infused water, I took a look around the reception area. There were pictures of the antique agriturismo and its homegrown products being showcased. This made me think about what makes an agriturismo in Italy? Many associate a farm stay with basic accommodations and simple fare. Today, the best luxury farm stays offer a more luxurious spin to their antique properties, but still offer the amazing food, intimate experience, and fresh country air everyone runs to farm stays for. In order to be considered an agriturismo or farm stay by law in Italy, the property must grow and serve its guests produce from its farm, whether its wine or olive oil—in this case, olive oil.

As we finished up our infused water, we were taken to our room. All the rooms can be found on the ground floor centered on a patio area that has sun beds and comfortable lounge chairs. The rooms are now found where the old barn and stables used to be and still today, the rooms characterize a lot of the old world Sicilian charm from the wooden beams, terracotta floors, and handmade furniture.

As we stepped in and laid down our luggage, I immediately spotted a personalized letter greeting me to the property. In this simple yet chic Masseria, touches of luxury still exist through personalization. Each room features a small lounge area where one can sit down and read a book in the comforts of their own room until the late night, wrapped in a blanket to warm them up from the cold mountainous chill. The room includes a spacious bathroom, air conditioning (although it’s so cold at night you won’t need it!), mini-bar and Wi-Fi. My favorite part about the bathroom, once again, is the personalized and local touch they make when it comes to the cosmetics. Every beauty product was olive oil based from the shampoo, to the conditioner and bar of soap. The property truly echoes its roots and tradition of being a Masseria that cultivates grain and olive oil through every touch point, not only its food.

One of the details that caught my eye was a small blue book found at the entrance of the room. It is an autobiographical book written by one of the owners in both English and Italian that recounts the history of Masseria Susafa. The Masseria, or farm, belonged to the family Saeli-Rizzuto for the past five generations and is still owned and run by them today. You will find one brother frolicking around in the kitchen directing the meals for the evening and the other managing more administrative tasks. Each caters to a different aspect of the business – the creative and administrative – and they both can be found wandering around the property, behind the stoves, or in the fields during the day. The baroness of the Masseria Susafa resort still lives on the property and can also be found wandering around the courtyard in the afternoon. It is as if you have stepped into the lives and history of the Saeli-Rizzuto family and are observing it from an insiders prospective.

After freshening up from our long trip, we decided to explore the property. We started off by venturing towards the other end of the open patio facing our room. At the opposite end were the remaining 7 rooms facing the countryside with a long row of lounge chairs and hammocks for anyone to choose from. The view from the end of the property showcased rolling golden hills and vivid purple flowers. The sun was about to set, so we decided to head down hill to catch a glimpse of the pool.

The pool is located at the edge of the hill overlooking the golden fields and surrounding pastures. All that lies between the stark contrast of the golden hills and the green lush oasis is the big crystal pool, perfect for an afternoon dip, quiet read under the gazebo, or cocktail while watching the sunset.

We stepped down into the fields a little bit more to get a sense of the vast land the agriturismo owned. We walked over by the properties small orto or garden as the sun set and were surrounded by fields of gold. The countryside of Sicily is a blast of color and visual delights. More than just green rolling hills and dark moorland of many a preconception. Flowers, sea, sky and the natural landscape help to bring the colors to the fore from corner to corner of the island. Just a small visual journey through the rainbow can bring out the vibrancy of this land. Escaping to the Sicilian countryside to Masseria Susafa as the orange sun touches the property and its fields brings out the appetite for the outdoors. As the seasons change, the fields surrounding the property turn from a vivid green to golden yellow and eventually a stark purple and snow white.

We made our way over to the other end of the resort where the wedding was now ending. I sat up on an old stone ledge at Masseria Susafa while enjoying a breathtaking golden sunset. The field itself was bathed in the warm glow of the evening sun which made the yellow so bright on the wheat fields. Behind this was a curtain of intense dark grey sky and the contrast between the two will be etched in my memory forever. Funny story – while I was perched up on the ledge I heard a loud barking noise coming from below me and turned around to see the farm dog trying to jump up onto the ledge! I got quite a scare! And that’s when I realized that behind this ledge, right below me, lied Masseria Susafa’s farm animals! It was quite a pleasant surprise.

Although we would have loved to sit up on the terrace and enjoy a nice aperitivo before dinner, my mother and I were starving and were starting to get chilly from the cold mountain air! Perched roughly 900m above sea level, the air is much chillier up at Masseria Susafa resort then it is down by the seaside villages. This is perfect during the day because you don’t suffer from the torrid Sicilian heat, but you still manage to get that nice bronze and sun-kissed glow. But it’s even better at night because it makes you want to reach out for a warm sweater, bury your way underneath thick blankets, and read a nice book in the warmth of your own room.

Masseria Susafa is a simple yet chic rural escape where one can relax, read a nice book in silence, enjoy long walks down in the fields and through the rolling hills, immerse oneself in by-gone traditions and household roles or lounge by the beautiful panoramic pool. Following our exploration of the property at Masseria Susafa resort, we proceeded to go to their renowned restaurant Il Granaio, The Barn. The meal we had was full of local specialties, ancient stone vaulted architecture, and one of a kind service. Their restaurant is so renowned, that people drive all the way out to the countryside just for the food! Dining at the masseria was such a unique experience, that I could not fit it all into one article! For more on my dining experience at Masseria Susafa, read my article From Garden To Table: Masseria Susafa’s Restaurant Il Granaio.

For more information regarding Masseria Susafa or to reserve a one-of-a-kind stay at the property, reach out to me at

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Masseria Susafa. All opinions remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.

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