From Garden to Table: Masseria Susafa’s Restaurant Il Granaio

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There’s a reason why people drive 40+ minutes to Masseria Susafa’s renowned restaurant Il Granaio for a simple lunch or elegant dinner. In the middle of the Sicilian countryside, smack in the middle of Cefalù and Agrigento, exists this marvelously conserved antique barn immersed in nature. It’s hard not to remain speechless when one enters the restaurant, but it’s impossible not to be enraptured by the dishes that are served. It’s a pleasure for both the sight and the palate.

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As you step into Masseria Susafa‘s restaurant Il Granaio, which was formerly the antique barn, the rich stone vaulted arches, sky-high ceilings, and fireplace the size of my New York City bedroom took us aback. It almost felt like we were in an episode straight out of Game of Thrones (minus the dragons and white walkers)! The room is decorated with typical Sicilian countryside objects, such as clear jars filled with freshly homemade pasta, that lend a soft tone and warm tone to the otherwise lavish stone dwelling.

The cuisine offered at Il Granaio is a blend of old local traditions and modern taste. All the ingredients, which are locally grown and sourced, are chosen directly from the Chef and one of the owners himself, who manages the creative and culinary aspect of the business. A new meal is offered every day to make sure it aligns with the products that are freshest and in season. In fact, the ingredients are so fresh they are most likely cultivated that very same morning.

As we sat down to order our meals, we were not sure what to order. Everything on the menu was so appetizing! Since we had had a late lunch, we decided to just order an appetizer and a main course. In the long run, I regret this decision; I should have gone for the tasting menu! All the portions were perfect and the tasting menu would have given me the biggest satisfaction and Masseria Susafa experience. So for anyone who decides to stop by Masseria Susafa’s Il Granaio in the future, do not even think twice and order the tasting menu!


The first plate to hit the table was a mouth-water appetizer, bean pâté bruschetta served with cherry tomatoes. The appetizer was obviously served with house-made bread. The bread was brought out in a little brown bag as if it were just made and bought directly from a bakery. This simple yet minute detail really showed the attention to detail the staff took into bringing back simpler and local traditions in a more elevated ambiance. When I picked the little brown bag in my hands, I could feel that the bread inside was still warm! Needless to say, we devoured the mousse-like bean pâté and the cherry tomatoes, which had been freshly picked from the garden that very morning. As much as I wanted to finish the entire bag of bread, I knew there was more coming for me, so I restrained myself from blowing through the bag (even though I wanted to so bad!) My mother on the other hand, did not restrain herself and carried on to finish the entire bag of bread..! Bravo Barbara!


Soon after we made a big dent in the bean pâté bruschetta, a gorgeous plate of swordfish bites on a bed of eggplant pâté with red onion and cherry tomatoes appeared on the table. The swordfish bites were an elegant and flavorsome dish. The addition of cherry tomatoes, red onion and basil created an illusion of vibrancy and freshness. A bite of this clean swordfish and light pâté transported me back to the sunny coast of Sicily.


There were an array of choices when it came to their freshly made pasta at Il Granaio, so my mother opted for their Cappellacci with porcini mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, butter and sage.


The signature ingredients at Masseria Susafa’s Il Granaio restaurant are tomatoes and olive oil, needless to say I opted for the Ravioli with ricotta, spinach and fresh tomato sauce as my main course. One bite of the little packs of pasta, all hand-made and stuffed with minced spinach and ricotta, drizzled with fresh tomato sauce and parmesan, made me realize that I was no longer in a restaurant, but in someone’s home. Although elegant jazz music was playing in the background and I was being served on in an elegant dining room as waiters gave me detailed descriptions of my meal, I felt that I was a guest of Masseria Susafa’s family Saeli-Rizzuto and I was enjoying one of their local homemade meals.

Following dinner we headed to the antique palmento for a beverage. A palmento is an antique cellar that was used to crush wine grapes and process the wine. Due to current EU laws, owners are no longer legally permitted to make use of these palmenti, however, they are able to restructure them for other uses. In comes Masseria Susafa’s elegant bar area, where one can enjoy wine tasting, an after dinner digestivo, and some jazz music and old charm atmosphere. The eclectic furniture mixed with the old winery basins and Sicilian antiques make for an elegant and fun old charm feel. The attention to every single detail from the use of old Sicilian artifacts to the old style heater makes this room oneof the masseria‘s crown jewels in my opinion.

Fun fact, this is the only room in the entire masseria that has a TV screen and it is only used upon request, or if the Saeli-Rizzuto family chooses to watch a movie all together at the end of the evening during the cold winters.

Masseria Susafa truly allows you to disconnect from this world we are literally plugged into and savor the simpler more refined things in life that we now overlook due to all the chaos and sensory overload we receive in the real world (specifically in cities!). It brings back homemade meals, local products, old world charm and a hint of modern with such elegance; you wouldn’t even think you were in an antique farm stay.

To read more about my stay at Masseria Susafa, read my previous post Checking Into Masseria Susafa: A Heartwarming Stay In The Heart of Sicily.

For more information regarding Masseria Susafa or to reserve a one-of-a-kind stay at the property, reach out to me at

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Masseria Susafa. All opinions remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.

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    This looks like such a beautiful place and the food looks wonderful.

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