A 3 Day Guide to the Island of Mykonos, Greece: Part II

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Photography by Svadore unless otherwise noted

Our first day in Mykonos was a day of R&R (rest and recreation) following our two weeks of travel across Italy, so on day 2, we were ready to spring into action and head for the beaches. We woke up early and grabbed breakfast at our go-to place on the island: Il Forno di Gerasimo. If any of you know me, typically my breakfast consists of pastries, croissants, Italian breakfast cookies or bread, butter and jam. Of course, I always have a Cappuccino or coffee in hand as well. So I was ecstatic when I stumble upon Il Forno di Gerasimo and its myriad pastries: Pain au chocolate, pastries filled with local sweetish cheese, stuffed lemon or chocolate donut holes, and many more. This was my go-to place every morning for breakfast, hands down. Every bite of their pastries for a moment took me back to my hometown in Italy..that’s just how good their delicacies were.

Photograph #3 by: My Greece Travel Blog

A very convenient form of transportation on the island, especially for those who plan on drinking all day, is the local bus that literally takes you to every beach on the island. Our first stop, and most favorite stop, was Paraga Beach. The first thing we stumbled upon was a bar/lounge area with free sun beds (which is super hard to come by in Mykonos, typically they charge you $20 a pop)!! We later learned that this beautiful modern bar/lounge area directly on the water was part of the Paraga Beach Hostel. In fact, the minute you step onto the beach, they start to charge you for sun beds. I don’t recommend you go to the beach; it’s packed and loud, while the hostel is quiet and exclusive. But do get there early if you plan on snagging a few sun beds. Now I didn’t stay at the Paraga Beach Hostel, but if someone were looking for a super low budget stay, I would recommend it! We ended up grabbing lunch there and to this day it is one of the best Greek salads I’ve had. I know right? Strange..in the most random of places. But that’s usually were the best food is, in the most unexpected of places.

After lounging around, eating, jumping in the water and napping, we decided to take a quick 10-minute hike to Paradise Beach. Pat and I lasted about 2 minutes there…there is a whole section of the beach which is open to nudists, and the vibe in general was a bit party-esque, but more in a grimy sense. It would be perfect if we were single and in the mood to mingle, but we were looking for something a bit more low key. Luckily, we spotted a water taxi at the end of the beach and hopped in and headed for Platy Yialos or Platis Gialos. The beach and town was a bit more commercial with hotels and bars lined up against the beach. It was packed with people since it was a resort town, so we decided to walk a couple of minutes over to Psarou – a more elegant and secluded beach.

Psarou was equally lined with hotels and resorts, but of the more upscale class so there was more of a sense of privacy and exclusivity. If the yachts didn’t give it away, the member’s only beach areas did. This is the area in Mykonos that welcomes most of the world’s VIPs. There were a limited number of people and the scenery of the yachts and silence made for a relaxing end of day experience. If you are looking for a serene stay with the occasional VIP sighting, Psarou is your place to be.

After a long day of exploring beaches, Pat and I got ready and headed out to Katrin’s for dinner. Lined with white washed tables and picture windows, don’t be surprised if you find yourself rubbing elbows with some VIPs as it is known for its fresh produce. We ordered the fish and did not regret it! After another busy day of exploring the island, we went home for an early night-cap determined to go out and party the next day, on our last night in Mykonos. Stay tuned for my last post of Day 3 in Mykonos!

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