Willy Wonka Pop-Up Bar Now Open On The UWS

Willy Wonka Pop-Up Bar Now Open On The UWS cocktails LOCL bar Nylo hotel-7
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NYC got its first snow yesterday. This can only mean one thing, that New York just got a lot more “scrumdiddlyumptious.” Take advantage of the holiday season by bundling up and staying warm in one of the many festive pop-up bars around New York. So come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination.

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Living on the Upper West Side, Patrick, my friend Tori, and I decided to head to the newly opened Willy Wonka pop-up bar, also called the Holiday Cocktail Factory, at the LOCL bar in NYLO Hotel. We were one of the first to visit when it opened the first weekend of December.

Step inside the LOCL bar and you are surrounded by candy. Candy-cane handrails, giant lollipops and mushrooms seats bring Willy Wonka to life. Right off the LOCL bar, the Nylo hotel also includes a Champagne Bubble room in the piano area and a sweets shop in the library.

“Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker,” as Willy Wonka once said. We sat down and took a look at the whimsical cocktail list. With creative cocktail names such as Goode Goodie Gumballs, Violette You’re Turning Violette, Snozzberries Taste Like Snozzberries, and That’s The Ticket and Scrumdiddlyumptious, you can’t go wrong with your choice. Each is Instagram-worthy and will dazzle and delight your taste buds.

Tori and I went for the most Instagram-worthy cocktail of them all, Goodie Goodie Gumballs. Made with Codigo 1530 Tequila, St. Germaine, bitter lemon, white cranberry and, yes, real gumballs, it is served in a vintage red gumball machine. The drink was sweet, but surprisingly not that sweet compared to Pat’s cocktail. It came with a lot of tequila so one drink is worth the $17 price!

Patrick ordered the Snozzberries Taste Like Snozzberies made with Four Pillars gin, lemon, Jägermeister, cinnamon foam, snozzberries (whatever these may be…) and a lollipop on top (not a real one, it was more of a gooey design)! It was a lot sweeter than my tequila beverage, but very strong.

Even better, $1 from every cocktail is donated to a wonderful cause—Save the Children. So it’s hard to find a reason not to make your way over to Nylo’s LOCL bar for a cocktail. You can’t reserve in advance, so get there early to snag a seat in this small and eccentric pop-up bar. Stay long enough and you could even win one of the 5 golden tickets distributed every night and receive 2 free cocktails. But hurry up, the pop-up bar is only open till February 1st 

  • Nylo Hotel 2178 Broadway, New York, NY 10024(212) 362-1100

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25 Replies to “Willy Wonka Pop-Up Bar Now Open On The UWS”

  1. That’s awesome! A friend I was competing with once in a cocktail competition dressed up as Wonka and served her drinks in edible glasses. Sky’s the limit. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow that cocktail looks amazing!! Never seen anything like it before!

  3. This place looks incredible. I recently went to the Harry Potter themed bar in Exeter, UK and really enjoyed it. If I ever go to New York I’ll be sure to check this place out!

  4. That is so wild. I have always loved Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  5. This looks epic! Would love to go

  6. Oh wow! That looked like the place to be. Those pictures were wonderful.

  7. Gumball drinks?! That place looks amazing!
    Definitely the place to be for the holidays.

  8. That looks amazing! I would love to go to something where THAT much thought was out behind every decision!

  9. This looks like a really fun place and very innovative

  10. Wow that place looks so fun!

  11. This is a really cool idea. I can’t say I have an equivalent of this in our area. The drinks look fun and sticky sweet. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Nice Idea!!!

  13. wow! great blog. what camera did you use?

    1. Nothing too expensive, just a Nikon D3300!

  14. as a NYC writer (and native) I’m loving this hidden gem holiday spot, which I had no idea about!! Love the holiday vibe, and not sure I could finish one of those drinks, but it would certainly be fun to try — thanks for sharing!! Would love you to do a guest post for my site as well, if you’re interested? Thanks!! xx Bee style-island.com

    1. Thanks for asking I would love to write a guest post! 🙂 Where can I reach you? My email is sveva@svadore.com. Thanks!

  15. That place looks so fun! My husband would love it!!

  16. Oh my lord this would be amazing!

  17. Now this is a great place to o and be in the holiday spirit! Love the gym all drinks.

  18. Place looks great!

  19. This is so much fun. The drinks specially the Snozzberries look yummy and sweet. The decor of the Bar is very pretty and all pink. Cool Party Place.

  20. awww this looks so fun!!!!

  21. Super great. Looks like such a fun time. I love having fun in life and this place looks like a great place for just that.

  22. My inner child just screamed 😂😂

  23. London is one place I really want to visit. I hope to do all the things you listed here.

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