The Ultimate 3-Day London Itinerary: Day 3

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Manhattan is compact, in fact, I’ve walked it from head to toe from Brooklyn to the Upper West Side on multiple occasions. London is the opposite, it is sprawling. It’s impossible to see all that’s worth seeing in just three days, so you need to consider this as one of many London trips to come. This 3-day London itinerary scratches the surface of this beautiful city.

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  1. Breakfast at Valerie’s

Our breakfast go-to when in London was Patisserie Valerie near Leicester Square. Why not splurge on food when on vacation? There are Patisserie Valerie’s all over London these days and quite right too because they serve some of the best pastries in the capital alongside a tempting array of cakes, coffees and continental breakfasts and all at an affordable price. Over the course of our 3-day London itinerary, Pat and I experimented with a variety of breakfasts, one morning it was toast and jam with a croissant, the next it was eggs benedict, and the one after that poached eggs. Each breakfast with a cappuccino on the side sprinkled with a bit of cocoa powder of course. A must-try when in London!

  1. Earls Court: Doctor Who TARDIS Police Box

While I flew to London for the low cost of $400 roundtrip, Pat took a TARDIS to London. Totally kidding, but he wishes he had! For those of you who are not familiar with what a TARDIS is, it’s a Time and Relative Dimension in Space. It’s basically a machine that Time Lord’s used to travel between time and space. No, it’s not real…but it is inspired by the famous English TV series Doctor Who. Pat has a soft spot for books, movies and TV shows that involve other worlds or dimensions, and Doctor Who is no exception. When we were wandering around Earls Court, where my parents once lived and where Pat lived when studying abroad, we came across Doctor Who’s famous TARDIS Police Box.

Earls Court is a mix of Georgian architecture and townhouses and hostels and hotels. It’s surrounded by well-kept Victorian gardens that are only exclusive to its residents. It is definitely residential, but a look at the beautiful area gives you a peek into what it truly is like living in England. Aside from townhouses, cute cafés and restaurants line the streets offering a more tranquil stay outside the hustle and bustle of London.

  1. Harrods

Now I know what you are thinking…”Harrods?! I might as well go to Saks or Neiman Marcus,” but I promise you Harrods is unlike any other department store you have ever been to. Imagine hovercrafts, U.S. President’s signatures, giant stuffed animals, sushi, and antique artifacts all being sold under the same roof. Yes, that’s Harrods. They even had an exotic pet store that closed in 2014, which was said to have sold an alligator to playwright Noel Coward and a lion to a couple of Australians in 1969. Go a step further and you’ll find out that a cobra was once used to guard a pair of sandals worth 62,000 pounds, Ronald Reagan bought a baby elephant back in 1967, and Winnie the Pooh was inspired by a stuffed teddy bear bought from Harrods. The store’s motto is “Omnia Omnibus Ubique,” which literally translates to “All things for all people, everywhere.” I highly recommend you go to Harrods and explore the Egyptian architecture and famous painters touches and see what you can find! More to come on my experience in up and coming posts.

  1. King’s Cross: Platform 9¾

When you think of King’s Cross Station, you think of Platform 9¾ from Harry Potter. Yes, we saw the little cart and owl cage flying into the wall, but we didn’t think the 1.5-hour line was worth a picture to be quite honest. Instead we decided to wander around the station and admire its architecture. The renovation that took place in 2012 is a beautiful mix of Victorian and modern. The steel tree-like architecture reminded me of the tree of life from the World Expo in Italy.

  1. Afternoon Tea: The Shard

There’s only one experience better than Afternoon Tea, and that’s Champagne Afternoon Tea! A glass of Champagne adds that extra special sparkle – making it the perfect treat if you’re marking a memorable occasion..or just splurging like Pat and I. We decided to go all out and have Champagne High-Tea with a tour of scones and finger sandwiches before our West End Theater show at the top of the second tallest tower in Europe—The Shard. For more on my experience at the Shard, read my Tea-rrific Champagne Afternoon Tea at Aqua Shard.

  1. A Show in West End: Comedy About A Bank Robbery

Tea time and a show in the West End Theater district is the epitome of a British day. We booked last minute tickets to see “The Comedy About A Bank Robbery,” it was hysterical! I really enjoy British humor, which made this a plus, and the drinks unlike Broadway shows in New York were insanely affordable! A must-do experience for anyone in London to top off your quintessential London itinerary.

As mentioned at the start, London is a sprawling city which makes it difficult to see everything in 3 days. What we managed to cover in this 3-day London itinerary are the iconic sights and spots to visit for first-timers in London. But there is so much more to see from the London Eye, to Camden Market, to Kew Garden and Sky Garden and on. Hopefully this 3-day London itinerary will serve as a great guide for people looking to start taking in as much of this beautiful city as possible!

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11 Replies to “The Ultimate 3-Day London Itinerary: Day 3”

  1. This just makes me want to pack my bags and go to London. Love what you got up to.

  2. Really good advice! London is so full of things to do it’s hard to know where to start!

  3. What a great write up. Your pictures where spot on as well.

  4. Wow, what great photos! The eggs make me hungry.

  5. nice pics, lucky you!

  6. Looks like a great trip. Love your photos. I’d love to go to London.

  7. This posting made me miss London. I have been 3 times and have not tried any one the restaurants you suggest! I will try on my next visit, Thank you and beautiful pictures!

  8. johnny @ says: Reply

    Still can’t believe I have not made it London yet. 2018 for sure. The comedy show sounded amazing. I’m with you, I think British humor is the best, hands down.

  9. Great 3 day itinerary! Patisserie Valerie is one of my favorite places to get breakfast around the city. I lived here for 3 months 2 summers ago and you 100% gave a great guide on how to get a feel for different parts of the city. xoxo

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