A 3 Day Guide to the Island of Mykonos, Greece: Part III

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Photography taken by Svadore unless otherwise noted

Day three on the island of Mykonos and Pat and I were tired of having to stick to the bus routes beach schedules. So we decided to rent a quad/ATV and make our own rounds around the island. First stop was Super Paradise. I was a little skeptical of this beach because it had the word “Paradise” in it..it made me think back to yesterdays experience on Paradise Beach. When we arrived the parking lot was very small and there was limited space, so keep that in mind when heading over there. The earlier you get there, the better. When I stepped on the beach, I was very taken a back by the difference between the Paradise and Super Paradise. Super Paradise still had that commercial party/lounge vibe, but was a lot more tranquil then Paradise Beach. We spent the morning lounging on their beach chairs and listening to the 30 year old women next to us go on about their sexual-escapades from partying last night. It made for an interesting morning..! We were starting to get hungry so decided to grab a bite to eat at one of the bars on Super Paradise Beach.

Following our morning at Super Paradise we drove around Mykonos for a bit taking in the scenery, then decided to head to Elia Beach. It is known as one of the most popular amongst the gay crowd and you now I know why! The crystal waters and fine sand make for one of the clearer beaches in Mykonos. It is also the largest beach on the island which gives people a lot of room to lay down. On other beaches you will always find yourself head to toe with another person. The beach offered a wide array of taverns and bars as well as the highlight of the beach – water sport activities. The beach is open and windy making it a great area for water-skiing, parasailing and windsurfing. There was an area of the beach reserved for nudists..but what beach in Mykonos isn’t at this point!

As we hopped onto our quads, we headed for our last stop: Panormos. Panormos is located on the north side of the island, if you are looking for the ultimate secluded stay away from tourists, this is your beach. Away from hotels, there are only 2 restaurants and 1 hotel in this area and it’s not reachable by bus. The beach doesn’t have any umbrellas or sun beds so come prepared. The cove has little wind and no trees so its perfect for the late afternoon when the sun isn’t as hot. Stop by, grab a drink, and enjoy the peace and quiet!

After returning our quad, Pat and I bought a bottle of wine and decided to stop and watch the sunset on the side of the island before heading to our room and getting prepped for dinner.

Tonight we stopped at Pasta Fresca Barkia, we had had our fair share of Greek food and were in the mood for Italian! Being Italian, I can tell you that the pasta was freshly handmade and of excellent quality. And I would hope so since Pasta Fresca was the first restaurant of handmade pasta production in Mykonos since 1978. I was very pleased with the meal. It was a bit more on the cost-y end, but totally worth the while. Since they specialize in pasta, the restaurant offers such a wide variety of pastas it is easy to not know which one to pick! Fusilli? Spaghetti? Penne? Rigatoni? Tortellini? Ravioli? Have your pick..and you will not be let down!

Photograph property of Mykonos Information

Following our filling dinner, we didn’t feel like going out of our way and heading to a club on one of the many beaches in Mykonos, so we chose to stay local in Mykonos Town and head to Skandinavian Bar. It’s hard to miss with its packed alleyway and loud music, it’s the heart of the night scene in Mykonos Town. It has two open-air bars, a patio, dance floors, a VIP area and a low entrance fee which makes it all the better. Stepping in feels like a Frat party straight out of college (and I went to Bucknell University). Elevated surfaces and packed and sweaty people dancing to the Top 100 soundtracks makes for an energetic night. We stayed out till 2:30 AM but where still so exhausted from all our travels the weeks prior that we had to cave in early.

Our stay in Mykonos wasn’t a typical party stay. It was more of a couple trying to enjoy the beaches, food and nightlife scene of an ever popular island. Was it my favorite island? No, not really. But it ultimately depends on what you are looking for and who you are going with!

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  7. This looks like an awesome trip! I’m dying to go to Greece!

  8. Looks like such a fun time! I’m dying to go to Greece!

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